Snettisham Construction Adventure 
2006: Having Fun

Ronquil at anchor
The Ronquil at anchor at the homestead 

In the fall of 2005 I began writing little trip reports on certain adventures/events in my life and emailing them to a list of friends.  I found this so enjoyable that I took it up with a passion in 2006.  The reports related to the homestead are below as well as few about adventures at my family's cabin up the Taku River and at Sweetheart Creek.  They are full of painful details to jog my memory as in many cases they replace journal entries entirely. They do have nice pictures though so please take a look!

Homestead Adventures:
Lessons: April 19-20
Birds: May 13-14
Rain: June 2-4
T'sawdaan Kwaan: June 23-23, Engines and Low Tide: July 1-3, Shrew Whispering: July 14-16
Small Mammals and Big Waves: September 27-30

Sweetheart Creek Salmon Slaying Adventures:
Sweetheart Creek 2005: August 31-September 1
Debbie's Eddy (2006): August 3-4

Taku Adventures:
Moraines and Nagoonberries: August 11-13 and 26-28